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Island Beat started first as I-Land Rebels on 1440 AM on Friday nights from 10pm – 12 midnight back in 1999,
and now we're streaming online with the latest genre of music 24/7 along with our online DJ's throughout
the week with The Caribbean Melting Pot with DJ Tobago & Queen of Hearts, Smooth Groove with Uncle Bob &
The Peoples Chat Room with Lyma Dunbar & DJ Code Red.  Don't forget Island Beat Radio is
"The Beat of the Street!"


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Island Beat Radio - Smooth Groove with U
Island Lime Radio Show with Love Doctor.
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Kinds words from DJ Tobago son, Shaq Kidd Rebel Joseph, if you don’t know now you know Pops (John Joseph aka DJ Tobago) is still doing his thing on the radio (Island Beat Radio) each and every Saturdays 1pm-4pm. A lot of your favorite DJ’s have passed thru this station like;


Attorney Gail S. Seeram, Brian Rigby, Brothern Bantu, Bussa,

David Singh, Devin Nadlall,

DJ Crown Prince, DJ DuttyLyfe,

DJ Glenn, DJ Mad Man Smallie,  Errol The Entertainer, Freeze International, Fyah Squad,

HAWM Law, J & L Vibes,

Kareem Faisty Phillip, Kevin Clouden, Kevin "Trini Boy,"

Lady Shatema, Lady MBO,

Lyma Dunbar (TPCR),

Powerline HD, Nelly Orlando,

Neville Vibes, NSL Events,

Ole Face Cres, Oliver

"Professor GT NMS" Batson,

Ralph Warner, Richard "NMS" Ramjit, Sister Sharon,

Shallom Peets,

Wayne "DJ Renny" Richardson, 

just to name a few.

Shaq's (aka Kid Rebel) remembers Anil Nms gave him is first DJ lesson after a radio program, a quick little 30 mins as a matter of fact a lot of them started on the radio with pops!!!!!! Support the ting share it pop will appreciate it!  Note: We apologized if we have missed any names, please call John at (407) 234-5047 to be added.

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The People Chat Room Show on Island Beat
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Caribbean Straight Talk Show with Mea & Lyma.jpg


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To Donate payments can be made through the following apps below:

Cashapp $IslandBeat, PayPal & Zelle to (407) 234-5047)

 or make checks payable to Island Beat and mailed to P.O. Box 681099, Orlando, FL 32868

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